About The Conference:

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 5G Communications and Network Technologies (ICA5NT 2024) focuses on Artificial Intelligence, 5G communication and networking technologies which are the three major research and emerging areas in current scenario. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence aims to create machines and automated technologies that can successfully simulate human intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in applications to solve specific problems throughout industry and academia. However, there is an explosive growth in wireless mobile devices and services but there are still some challenges that cannot prevail over the current needs by 4G Technology. Researchers have started research on fifth generation wireless technology to meet increasing demand for high data rates and mobility required for advanced wireless applications. Further novel protocols, routing algorithm with cutting-edge results in networking systems covering contemporary and future applications will be discussed. This conference provides a conclave for experts to gain knowledge in three research fields to meet potential challenges and opportunities for future advancement.

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