All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The following paper categories are welcome:


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

 Artificial Intelligence tools & Applications
 Machine learning for 5G system
 Soft computing, Fuzzy Systems and ANN
 Computer Vision and AI
 Deep and Reinforcement learning
 Pattern recognition and classification for networks
 Natural Language Processing
 Hybrid Intelligent Systems
 AI and Robotics
 Multimedia & Cognitive Informatics


Communication & Signal Processing

 Antenna and Wave Propagation
 RF & Microwave Communications
 Communication Systems for 5G and Beyond
 Wireless Communications
 Wireless Sensor Networks
  Underwater Sensor Networks
 Internet of Things/Internet of Vehicles
 Computer Communications
 Satellite and Optical Communications
 Image/Speech/Video Signal Processing
  Embedded Systems & VLSI


Network technologies

 Network protocols and Architectures
 Adhoc and Sensor Networks
 Mobile and Broadband Wireless Internet
 Mobile Network and Wireless LAN
 High speed Networks
 Network Security and Privacy
 Cellular and broadband Wireless Networks
 Cognitive Radio Networking
 Advanced Routing algorithm
 Malware Analysis
  Resource allocation and Management
 Network Based applications


Data Computing

 Cloud computing, Green Computing
 Big Data and Internet of Things
 Edge Computing
  Blockchain in the Internet of Things (IoT)
 Blockchain in Edge and Cloud Computing
 Blockchain in Next Generation
 Communications and Networks
 AR and VR Applications
  Cyber-Physical Systems
  Information Retrieval